Abraham Akpan
3 min readApr 27, 2017

My journey to the land of Sokoto was nothing I expected it was full of ups and downs but in it all, I give Glory to God. I decided to send my SYB today.
I chose four states, Lagos (as usual), Port Harcourt, Abuja and Sokoto. In my mind, I was like God forbid make them carry me go Sokoto…hian, I can’t shout biko. Even when God was telling me Sokoto…I closed my ears, anus and any part my body air could pass…my pastor told me he served in Sokoto (I didn’t care), a close friend of my, sef join the wagon “I served in Sokoto” (in my mind I was yimuing),at least if Lagos no sure, Abuja go sure. On the day the call up came out…as if my village people knew, naso my subscription finish oh. I told a friend of mine to epp me check am naso him tell.. ” GUY NA SOKOTO”. I devastated I checked google map, imagine the weather condition and the distance from lagos.
I had fun in camp; I joined OBS and was a presenter. I was also the financial secretary and social director for my platoon. I also marched and was a mammy boy and went to mammy every day. Hmm, the real drama began when I got my posting letter. I was posted to a border town in Sokoto, and I almost cried; my village people don dey review my file abi. I was out of civilization, no domino pizza, no Shoprite, no silver bird cinema (thanks to jenifa diary for filling in this gap).
I was posted to a Government school, and my V.P aka papi Lolo wanted to make life difficult for us (he later became my best friend). I taught Biology and was the form master in the school. Stella I was so busy I didn’t have time for myself. The sun was so hot… anyone who says NYSC cap no epp am, make him come Sokoto, we had to wear our camp every time we went out. The sand storm unko, no be here, all the sand I swept from my room can build a mini flat…I remember been locked in the bathroom during one of the sand storms, I prayed in tongue and shouted but no one could hear me, in my mind, i was like I can’t come and die here oh…GOD my father, save me.
I served in various capacity, as a CDS president, a PRO, A TEACHER, A FORM TEACHER, A HOUSE MATER…They were up to seven. I started a cooking where I taught people how to make cakes and other pastries and organised free classes for people.
I even did 9 community development project for the community, which included giving the school laboratory furnishing and to crown it all, I won the state honors award for my service to the state ( I won four awards in total)
Hilarious experience
When one of my students told me “ uncle remove from the board”..i was dumbfounded. It took me a couple of minute to decipher what he meant.
The day my roommate bought meat and the rats in my room stole 12 pieces of meat out of the 15 pieces( thank God before I left I killed all the 10 rats…I LAUGH TIRE)
Service taught me to respect people from other works of life( but some people here can spit for Africa). I lost 23 KG during service( went from 87kg to 64kg)



Abraham Akpan

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