Abraham Akpan
2 min readOct 4, 2017


When you say “I love you”…I wonder if you love me right now or forever.
When you say “I miss you”…I wonder if you miss me or my presence.
When you say “you need me”…I wonder if you really want me or need me.
When you say to me” you are funny”…I wonder if you mean I am funny or stupid.

If only you could hear my silent whisper and my void thoughts.
If only a miracle was a stone throw from salvation.

If only my voice could be heard and not muffled
If only best intentions led to good results.
If only the best people got the most reward.
If only the reward for hard work was success.
If only life was fair and karma was a constant.
If only there would be sunny days a never a gloomy one.
If only you knew the real me bursting with steam.
If only you knew that I had given up, was letting go of the plow and didn’t care if I turn to a pillar of salt.

Don’t make me wonder…don’t just say those words back them with action if you say you want to be like Christ..who showed his love with the cross.

Don’t make the people, who you say you, love wonder.
Make sure you try all available means to show them.



Abraham Akpan

Human Capital Development|Innovation|Programmes| Mandela Washington Fellow