Abraham Akpan
2 min readAug 1, 2017

Have you ever tried breathing under water?
You gasp for breath and as you do water fills your lungs.

You try to fight the current, but you are not strong enough. It keeps pulling you deeper and deeper into its mist…..your struggles are real and it hurts to breathe,just because you are under water and about to drown. Then you take that last breath and exhale.

It is just like sitting at a casino and watching you cards been dealt.
Each time you lose, a huge chunk is taken from your house of cards.
Thereby creating a world so void, that emptiness is an understatement.

Take in the fumes and exhale

Have ever been in that situation,where it was just like sitting on a cloud of vapour. You were too scared to the take a breath, just because you were far from the ground and like Humpty Dumpty, you were afraid you might crack and never be put together again, because life sells no glues.

They said Black doesn’t burn, but they lied,
Black does burn and it creates an inferno,beause black is like crude and etched within in it fibers are flammable pieces………….You burn deep,
You take in the flames and you exhale.

When the pain comes it’s like the pang of child birth,
You wonder when it’s all going to be over,
As you push and push but the end seems no way near. Yes you have heard of wonderful stories of people who went through this journey and smiled,
Yet you wonder why yours, was another tale gone wrong.

You fight every moment!
Fight to hear your voice, fight to be seen. You fight till you lose your breath.
And just exhale.

You so much in constant battle, but yet no satisfaction.
Exhale !



Abraham Akpan

Human Capital Development|Innovation|Programmes| Mandela Washington Fellow